Who are we and what can we offer?

We provide complete services, from the vehicle registration itself to obtaining license plates or even insuring your car. More than 12 years of experience in the field for our diverse clientele.

We are here to guide you through the complex process of registration or export (deregistration) of your vehicle smoothly and fast. We will familiarize you in detail with the process and documents needed.

Why PřepiServis?

  • Entire communication is in English
  • Professional consultancy
  • Quick service based on power of attorney
  • Affordable prices
  • Insurance services
  • Documents can be sent by post or messenger, personal meeting is not required

We act professionally on your behalf in any communication involving the Vehicle registry. Customer's personal or company's residency is not an issue.

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We provide various services related to Vehicle registry and insurance. We take care of your car from registration to complete insurance. Our coverage won't let you down.

Brief overview of our services

If you're interested in registering a vehicle in the Czech Republic as a natural person, you have to have valid temporary or permanent residency. Legal person must have registered office in the Czech Republic.

Registration of an imported vehicle

In order to register an imported vehicle you will have to show the original registration certificate. Majority of imported vehicles are required to pass the Czech technical control at STK (Stanice technické kontroly - “Station of technical control“). Vehicles imported from non-EU countries without european homologation must be younger than 8 years. There is no restriction for imported vehicles from EU countries. Based on law the registration can take up to 30 days, we usually get it done in just 5 working days!

Change of vehicle owner (purchase/sale of a vehicle)

To successfully register a vehicle to a new owner we will need the so-called “Technical protocol of evidenční prohlídka“ which is valid for one year.

We will complete the registration in one working day. Quick and professional services.

What is the “Evidenční prohlídka“?

This protocol is provided by any STK (Stanice technické kontroly - “Station of technical control“) in the Czech Republic after presenting vehicle documents and the vehicle itself. The protocol is valid one year and is needed for various tasks at the Vehicle registry.

Deregistration of a vehicle

  • by exporting: deregistering a vehicle for foreign registration purposes.
  • by ecological disposal: disposing of a vehicle with ecological protocol, permanent removal from the Vehicle registry.
  • by registering in a foreign country: this case is related to vehicles which were registered in a foreign country without deregistering the car first in the Czech Republic. We solve this situation by acting on your behalf in the related administrative proceeding.

Vehicle insurance

Liability (green card) is needed when registering a vehicle to a new owner. We cooperate with 10 major insurance companies so we can provide a suitable insurance coverage for your needs. Affordable insurance rates are guaranteed. No unpleasant surprises await you.

Renewal of the registration certificate part I.

Validity of your certificate might be based on your residence permit. We provide the renewal of the registration certificate accordingly to your residence permit. Driving a vehicle without a valid registration certificate is not allowed.

Do you solve any of these cases or need assistance with other issue related to the Vehicle registry? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will do it for you, stress-free, hassle-free!

Tasks at the Vehicle registry can be quite complicated and time consuming. All the forms and communication happens in Czech language which can bring unnecessary troubles. You don't have to worry about language barrier with us. We provide full assistance in English in solving your case. With our 12 years of experience we can easily outline successful resolution to your case, no matter how difficult it may seem. We act quickly and reliably accordingly to your requirements. You don't have to worry about any stress or queues, we will promptly hand over your documents.